Military and Naval Reincarnation Cases-List of Additional Past Life Cases


Thomas Andrews | William Barnes-from Voyage into History and  Return of the Revolutionaries

Crispus Attucks | Colin Powell

Cincinnatus (Roman General 5th BC) | George Washington

Cincinnatus’ son Caeso Quinctius | John Adams

Hannibal | George Patton

Horatio Gates | Al Gore-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Alexander Hamilton | Alexander Haig-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Admiral Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe | Jimmy Carter

James Johnston (Shark submarine crew) | Bruce Kelly–Rick Brown Case

Marquis de Lafayette | Tony Blair-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Napoleon III | Ariel Sharon-from Born Again, International Edition

Nearchus (Alexander the Great Admiral)| Jean Baptiste Colbert (built French Navy & wrote Naval Code) | John Adams (Father of US Navy, wrote Naval Code)-A three lifetime string

Horatio Nelson | John W. Miller (US Navy Vice Admiral)

Samuel Pepys | Hymen Rittenover

Edward Smith (Titanic captain) | Charles Ira Smith