Ghost or Spirit Being Photographs & Reincarnation


Ghost PhotoAfter a Fatal Automobile Accident, a Policeman Unexpectedly Takes Ghost Photos

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

One winter evening, four teenagers went for a car ride through the Minnesota woods. At one point, a boy in the back of the car moved to the front passenger seat and the boy who was in the front re-positioned himself in a back seat. Before the boy who moved to the front could buckle his seat belt, the vehicle veered off the road and struck a tree

The boy in the passenger seat was killed, while the other three teenagers were unharmed. A Minnesota State Trooper came upon the scene, examined the boy in the passenger seat and realized that he was dead. The trooper radioed headquarters and requested assistance. As he was waiting for backup to arrive, the trooper started taking photographs to document the accident. He turned in the camera to the police lab.

An Apparent Spirit Being or Ghost is Photographed

Ghost PhotoA police lab technician came to the state trooper and told him that the photographs of the accident contained very unusual elements, in that it appeared that the spirit of the deceased boy could be seen above the vehicle. The police lab technician gave the photographs to the state trooper, as the technician didn’t know what to do with them.

The state trooper also was unsure what to do with these supernatural images. On the advice of friends, the trooper contacted Echo Bodine, who he was told was a reputable clairvoyant in the Minneapolis area.

The trooper made an appointment with Echo and showed her the images. He gave the photographs to Echo, telling her to preserve them and do what she thought would be best with them. Echo has kept these images in confidence for years. We are grateful to her for allowing these images to be posted on the Reincarnation Research website. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Active Pose of Spirit Being Shouting supports Authenticity of the Ghost Photos

If the photograph with the apparent spirit of the deceased boy rising above the vehicle is genuine and not some type of artifact, then this spirit image has important implications. One would think that the police lab would have ruled out malfunction of the camera, including double exposures, before submitting the images to the state trooper.

IISISEvidenceReincarnationSpiritInt5Further, in the image of the spirit captured above the vehicle, it appears that he is actively speaking. Echo has indicated that the boy in spirit form is shouting “No!” as the boy was not ready to die.

The image to the right depicts the dead boy sitting in the passenger seat slumped against the door. In this posture, he could not have maintained the active pose of shouting, which is captured in the photo of the spirit being rising above the car.

The fact that in the image of the ghost above the vehicle, the boy is actively shouting with mouth wide open, while at the same time his body is slumped forward in the front passenger seat, supports that this is a genuine photograph of a spirit being.

It is unclear what the colored lines of the light represent in the photographs. It may be that these lines of light represent the boy’s spirit body as it leaves the physical body prior to re-coalescing outside of the body.

Ghost Photos or Spirit Being Photos support an Energy Template or Hologram of the Soul

The image of the boy’s face floating above the vehicle supports the premise that there is a spirit body or energy template that underlies the physical body. In the section entitled Principles of Reincarnation, it is proposed that an energy template or hologram is projected from the soul into the body and that this template is responsible for physical appearance being similar from one incarnation to another.

Similarly, photographs featured in the section entitled Instrumental Trans-Communication also support the existence of this energy template or spirit body.